Got the album today. Listened to it straight through. I am absolutely floored. I don’t care what anyone else says, this is the best album I’ve ever heard. I went through my whole life listening to the classics: Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull, Jefferson Airplane, The Who…but never in my life have I had the chance to hear an album created in my time. In my culture. By someone roughly my age, and from my generation. It makes the music mean so much more. It feels like it reflects the world I know. The world that shaped me and my life. I hope that everyone is lucky enough to find something like that.

Smoke…no mirrors

I was testing out my solar charger circuit tonight. Unfortunately, we’ve had so much cloudy weather lately, I haven’t been able to put the panel on it yet. In the meantime, I have plenty of old wall-brick power supplies lying around, so I decided to see if any had a reasonable voltage/current to test with. The first one I tried was my old speaker set brick: 14V 1100mA. Since I was cutting down the voltage and current so far, this brick forced the LM317 to dump way too much waste heat. I took to looking for something a bit more reasonable. I found it in an old cell phone charger: 5V 100mA. This was much better to test with as the low current couldn’t hurt a fly. Unfortunately, the 5V wasn’t really anything special as I was looking for close to 5 volts for the output. Tonight, I tried a 12V 1000mA supply. This was much better, but much like the 14V brick, too much waste heat.

My panel is a 1W panel. In average practice, I’ve watched it dump a very solid 10V at give or take 100-120mA. Those are the low currents I’m expecting to be up against, but I don’t have much to replicate that. Still, I did make some changes tonight, like lowering the R1 on the voltage divider on the adjust pin of the 317 from 180 to 100 ohms. Not a big change, but enough to give me the better range of voltages I want from the 1K variable resistor.

Speaking of variable resistors. I knew I should’ve bought more than two. I was testing some reference specs on the 317 and my less than stellar wiring caused the probe leads to short sending a wonderful 1A at 12V straight to my variable resistor. There was smoke. I didn’t realize what happened at first, but I’ve burned those things out before. At least I had a spare. I’ll have to order more.



I wasn’t planning on it (with the low currents and voltages) but I may need to heatsink the 317. If only when I’m testing with these high current power supplies.



Testing the basic variable voltage regulator circuit part of my charger project. A barely 6V batter power supply ran this test, but enough to know it works!


October’s going to be a tough month. before Tame Impala released their new wholesale NBA jerseys album and while I pre-ordered Instagram the deluxe edition (literally cannot wait until I get it) the album itself is Discrete already out in Australia. It will be out wholesale NFL jerseys in the wholesale MLB jerseys UK and US in the next few days. Unfortunately, E-mailmarketing: thanks to the Internet, those pesky boys down under can post the songs to youtube. Naturally youtube has some idea of what I like and wholesale jerseys recommends cheap NFL jerseys them to me. I’m doing my very best to refrain from listening to any of the songs until I get the album.

Counting on down the days!

power on self test

I have a handful of things I really like to start writing about here, but I’d rather not pummel the very first post with those topics. So I’ll try to ease cheap jerseys into it with a charming description cheap jerseys of this blog’s technical setup for all you nerds out there.

I’ve run a number of servers over the years in a number of different configurations. wholesale jerseys I always like to tell people if they want any advice on servers, especially server operating systems, they should talk to me. Currently this site is being served off of an old Quick mac mini. I didn’t buy it, I just got it handed to me. I think it’s from around 2007. It’s fantastic server hardware; maybe the best that exists for light to medium-weight server work. The only problem is that for wholesale jerseys anything beyond basic hosting, the built in web stack on OSX leaves a lot to be desired. I’m a linux fanboy at heart, so I opted to build a Post virtual machine with my favorite server OS: Fedora.

It’s worked out very well so far. I think I’ve been running it for Service almost a year and a half now. It even hosts my other site/side project: a PHP-based social networking site and advanced web programming test platform. Since I abhor Facebook, I wanted to see what I could create if the sky was the limit. It’s pretty cool, although I don’t always have the drive to actively work on it since I spend most days at work doing web stuff all day. But it is pretty neat. It runs off a PHP framework I wrote called silentrunning.

One important thing to note: Since I do run this server myself, I prefer not to leave it on all the time. Typically it’s down between the hours of 0100 and 0830 cheap jerseys EST. No sense in wasting even the meager amount of power the mini consumes. If I had more people on my sites, I would certainly consider extending the operating hours.