We’re All People

I have what will hopefully be a quick rant (that I’m sure others have touched on elsewhere). Do you know what I really hate coming across on the internet? Articles/websites/blogs/etc that more or less talk about all the “secret” or “clever” ways you can get women fawning all over you. To that I vehemently say: “for christ’s sake…they’re fucking people!” You’re not going to the store to buy an ipod here. It’s massively frustrating to happen on these things because when I do, I’m usually looking for advice or ideas on how to better myself, or new ideas for dates, or whatever. I’m sure these sites just exist…and I don’t know how many people actually seek them out, or attempt to implement the “tips” they seem to offer. It’s just really frustrating to me for a few reasons. First, it’s pretty disgusting. Second, it reinforces so many of the awful things about relationships and dating that observed in college. So, as I answer so many different arguments out there: we are all people. That’s the bottom line. Men, women, adults, children, teenagers, people on the east coast, people on the west coast. You can think of it however you want to, but it’s not some game. Fears, concerns, insecurities, quirks, and things? Everyone has those, men and women included. It should never be about “gaming” various situations in some attempt to “win” something. I mean, to each his own, but that’s a pretty messed up view of life and relationships. If these were methods to just get you hooked up for the night, ok, I think I could concede that, but most of them really aren’t. I’d love to be able to meet someone who thought this way as well. When you realize we’re all people, all looking for the same things, all possessing the same fears, there’s no need to “game” anything. The world is an ugly, confusing place. It doesn’t need any help there. So why don’t you bloggers/writers/etc just take your bullshit and stow it away somewhere where those of us trying to exist in this ugly, confusing world with just a little bit of happiness can never see it again.