Learned Today

So I learned today that the Porsche 914, while not a particularly pretty car, actually came with either a flat-4 or a flat-6 in a rear mid-engine configuration. I knew that the 914 was a mid-engine car, but I did not realize the engine in it was a flat-4…or a flat-6. I certainly wonder if it purrs as nicely as the rare Subaru boxer flat 6 engines of modernity (1996 SVX Alcyone? *swoons*). This officially puts the 914 in my “list” of potentials. A bonus of the 914 is that it’s a targa top. This is kind of ugly, but I suspect if gives much of the feeling of being in a convertible while still retaining the performance of a sports car. From what I understand (and have experienced) convertibles, while fun, typically handle like crap because they’re so heavy from all the body reinforcement.

The only problem I have with the 914 is that it’s a big aged for my tastes. Especially compared the to the MR2. Porsche or not, that’s more than a decade’s worth of technology improvement. Hmmm…

Well, either way, I decided that it would be better if I had a list of potential vehicles that fit the bill rather than putting all my eggs in the MR2 basket. I’m really pushing the mid-engine direction, but outside of that, some of the potentials include early 90s Alfa Romeo Spider, Fiat X1/9, 1996 Subaru SVX and the third-gen Toyota Celica. I’m going to start keeping a list with information as I discover it as a static page.