a different pl(ace)

This isn’t the primary focus of my blog, but it’s taken on quite a big role in my life, and so it’s something I have written a lot about. I expect I’ll continue to write about it as well.

In the interest of helping to filter out those specific, and important to me (and maybe others) posts, I’m going to list them here along with any other important information I may find. They can also be found by using the “mangoes” category. I liked the metaphor so much, I started to use it as my euphemism for asexuality. That was a personal comfort thing at first, I’m slowly warming up to the term more and more, and hope eventually, I won’t feel I have to hide it.

  • Mangoes — My first post about asexual experiences. Very much a stream of consciousness, but also written to mimic how things progressed for me in my own head. My coming out post, so to speak.
  • Master Branch — Kind of an addendum post filling in specific gaps I wanted to write about that didn’t make it into the mangoes post. Focuses more on my present feelings about things.
  • Blue – This was a short riff on attempting to understand sexual attraction, and attempting to understand the nature of our understanding. I may try to clean this up, but I think it has some good information.
  • Ice Cream Signals — Adding in some personal questioning about assumptions I had made. The process of how we arrive at the stage of wanting something is important.
  • Getting in Tune — A song off the album, Who’s Next by The Who. Er…just kidding. Just one of many observations on how asexuality acts as the tiny nudge that clicks things into place for me.

One of the best things in this journey has been the wealth of information and personal experiences documented all over the internet. It’s almost the only way to learn about it. That said, like the internet in general, the quality is all over the map. If I find things that I feel are well written, and well thought out, I’ll try to link them here.




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