Breakfast and Lake Visit

Hey, hey, hey…mom, there’s no coffee in here! What are we going to do?!IMG_0525

Yay! You made me coffee! How long do we have to wait for it in the French press?


Aww, I’m pretty sad that our adventure is over. Let me sit here and enjoy the sun a bit.


I’m not sure if koalas can swim. Better play it safe.


Say goodbye to the lake!


Exploring Camp

Oh oh oh, food?! Smells like cookies!

I think I can see the lake from this rock.


This is a pretty nice fire. Do we have any marshmallows?


Vacation Day 2

Well, not my second day, but the second day of me doing something. I went to a nice lake that was seriously in the middle of nowhere. It was kind of cold out, but the water was warm. I only waded in it a bit. Kip had a great time.

IMG_0372 IMG_0374 IMG_0375

A New Friend

I can’t really claim credit for this idea, but I’m excited to share my take on it here. One of the things that gets me down when I travel is there aren’t many pictures of myself. That’s not horrible. How many pictures of me do I really need? But I also travel alone, so taking pictures of myself means they pretty much have to be staged somehow. I have to set up a tripod, figure out the timer, all that stuff. Never mind that I don’t get to take pictures of anyone else.

I have a week off and I’m planning on doing a little bit of local traveling so all these thoughts have come to the forefront again. It’s easy to get down about it. Someone recently shared with me this website: I thought it was a super cute idea. It’s kind of like that thing where people put a URL on dollar bills and people log in and track them. I liked it because it was a cute stuffed animal, and people were treating it as though it was going on these adventures with them.

So I thought about it and tried to think of what I might like to do that was similar. I wanted to get a cute stuffed animal that I could take with me on my travels and take pictures of. While I’ve always been very fond of my stuffed toys, and felt they should have meaning, I didn’t know where I could get one I wanted locally, so I found one online.

It’s a koala. I think I’m going to call him Kip. He’s very soft, and adorable to the max. I hope we have many fun adventures together. While he’s not a person, I think it’s a very good substitute.



Me & Kip

Me & Kip