More human than human…

myAvatar-5I’m no good at ‘about me’ things, but I’ll let this grow organically. I’m mid 20s years young. I’m a software engineer and web developer living and working in the state of Vermont. Not my ideal occupation by a long shot, but it pays the bills and I’m pretty good at it. I graduated from college in 2010 with a degree in computer science. I grew up in western Massachusetts and have spent my entire life so far in New England. My hobbies and interests include road cycling, renewable power, bread making, sailing, cars, collecting vinyl and playing music.

The picture to the left sadly isn’t me (yet). It’s a good rendition of how I’d prefer to look. My brother said it looks a lot like me!

I had a blog a number of years ago that I kept running for just over 5 years. I enjoyed it, but it was more of a journal and place for me to write what I felt like. I want this to take the best of that and add in some confessions, insights, musings and advice I wish I could find on the network of tubes called the internet.